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Puzzle Adventure Game - Character Design

2011-10-29 11:00:06 by AdamJack

Just a small update on this game that I've been making. :)

Below is the character design I've currently chosen for the main character. I haven't decided on his colour yet, you may be able to choose for yourself in game or maybe it'll change colour depending on your actions! Why is he a boy? I dunno! Maybe I'm sexist... I'm pretty sure I'm not though... but that's probably something that a sexist would say.

What do you guys think? I can still change him! I value your feedback so if enough of you want a dinosaur as a main character BANG! You gor yourself a dinosaur!

Here's a link to some funky drawings I did for the first designs for the characters: Character Sketches

I also have a draft for all three levels I plan to make:
One: Mountain Level
Two: Forest Level
Three: Castle Level
Each level should have about 20 different areas to explore. I can't show you those plans or it'll ruin the fresh experience once it's all done. Sorry!

I should be able to publish a working example of the game next week. :)
Stay tuned for more updates.

Check out last week's news: Pink Poodle and a Survey - Audience Research (that's you). Also, thanks to everyone who filled in the surbey last week. Credit: FrozenFire, LiLG, Phobotech, cmperry1984, thatgermanprick and everyone else. Cheers guys! :)

Puzzle Adventure Game - Character Design


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