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Puzzle Adventure Game - Character Design

2011-10-29 11:00:06 by AdamJack

Just a small update on this game that I've been making. :)

Below is the character design I've currently chosen for the main character. I haven't decided on his colour yet, you may be able to choose for yourself in game or maybe it'll change colour depending on your actions! Why is he a boy? I dunno! Maybe I'm sexist... I'm pretty sure I'm not though... but that's probably something that a sexist would say.

What do you guys think? I can still change him! I value your feedback so if enough of you want a dinosaur as a main character BANG! You gor yourself a dinosaur!

Here's a link to some funky drawings I did for the first designs for the characters: Character Sketches

I also have a draft for all three levels I plan to make:
One: Mountain Level
Two: Forest Level
Three: Castle Level
Each level should have about 20 different areas to explore. I can't show you those plans or it'll ruin the fresh experience once it's all done. Sorry!

I should be able to publish a working example of the game next week. :)
Stay tuned for more updates.

Check out last week's news: Pink Poodle and a Survey - Audience Research (that's you). Also, thanks to everyone who filled in the surbey last week. Credit: FrozenFire, LiLG, Phobotech, cmperry1984, thatgermanprick and everyone else. Cheers guys! :)

Puzzle Adventure Game - Character Design

I could really use your help NG members!

2011-10-22 12:47:53 by AdamJack

Hello everyone, long time no see. :D

If you enjoy Puzzle Adventure Games then please help me create one for my third year Grad Project!

I'm at the very early stages of development and would really like to know what people actually want in a game of this genre. This is why I've created this survey which should give me a greater insight into what you wonderful people want. :)

[ LINK ]

Thank you everyone who chooses to help me out!
Much appreciated!

Unrelated: Here's a picture of a poodle...
Don't paint your dogs kids!

I could really use your help NG members!


Holy shit! I got a new t-shirt!

2010-01-09 13:22:01 by AdamJack

T-Shirt review... fucking sweet!

BTW... it says "I CAN HAS BRAINS?".

Watch the video which is even more awesome than the shirt.


On a side note, hope all is well on Newgrounds. HEARTS!

Holy shit! I got a new t-shirt!

New post

2009-08-15 10:50:00 by AdamJack

Just saying happy Clockday. I've already seen some great movies so far.
CC 09 Collection
Also, I will be submitting a cc movie later. Hope you like it. :)

Oh, HAI guyssss.

2009-07-28 22:35:37 by AdamJack

OH, i like you newgrounds. You are so coool like.

ANYWAY... I feel like it is very suitable that I make a news post when i am drunked.

Okay. I LIKE.... Link 0001 : ebolaworld (oh yeas, i like hiim so)

i also like Pleasure Island 2 .... check it out guys

ALSO hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

see you guys around.


2009-05-26 20:31:24 by AdamJack

Power of 3. I'm looking forward to everyone's submissions. Looks like it's going to be a fun ride.

finished animation everyday thing. Oh swell!

I'm going to continue with my art stuff. Hopefully I'll produce something good one day.


23rd May, 00:08am English Times.

Fooking love dis shit.

Big Bad Hand Drawn + Coloured Shit

Drawn Animation 1#

2009-05-22 11:29:21 by AdamJack

Seed of Destruction has inspired me to try and make my own drawn animations.

Today's animation is a bit scruffy. At least it's better than yesterdays. :P

Work in progress guys!

Gloop 0.1

Drawn Animation 1#


2009-05-21 16:02:15 by AdamJack


~ picture unrelated.